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Crysis 3

Having been lucky enough to be the Lead Artist on Crysis 2 MP development, attention turned quickly onto Crysis 3 where my role was Principle Environment Artist. Pre-Production began by using our most successful C2 map (Rooftops) and re-imagining it within the Crysis 3 universe. Shots here are from pre-production of trying to discover how we were going to get a game that already made consoles bleed run again with a stunning retake on the visuals but with the obvious hit we would take on performance, more overdraw, more assets, more vfx, more pretty much everything, I worked with the very talented Richard Gardener for these initial steps. I was also lucky enough to head up again the first map to be released in Beta to the public ( Museum / Swamp ), based upon the stunning architecture and layout of the Metropolitan Museum of Art NY I was responsible for the initial spawning of the location and idea, initial map design, greybox, composition and lighting direction. During production my main responsibility was all of the main museum architecture, Sandbox work and Initial lighting, again Richard Gardener And Marcel Swanepoel then came on board for surrounding assets / architecture and dressing. I was very sad to leave this project, such a fantastic and inspiring team to lead, but Alien AI was calling.