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AEGIS Dynamics Retaliator

The first multicrew ship in Star Citizen to push the envelope of several new technical workflows produced from myself after introducing a very similar approach to Alien Isolation. Boasting an interior space of 15 rooms surrounded by 80 meters of stealth goodness. I was responsible for taking the initial concept from Ryan Church and working it to a final flyable asset ingame. All interior spaces and layout of these were redesigned and concepted by myself, I brought the detailed greybox up to final for the whole ships exterior and interior under the watch full eye of several backers who are very passionate over this ship. I am also responsible for all final exterior modelling, texturing, shading and lighting. On the interior I brought the cockpit, all turrets, front corridor sections, front payload and access areas to final ingame model and shading. I was lucky to be helped in the final couple of months of production by Phil Howlett and Jay Malhotra who took my detailed greybox and visual direction to final in the remianing areas ( engineering, rear payload, entrance, escape pods/sleeping bays, gunnery ), All final lighting and atmospherics shown here by myself along with real time video captures and cutting together of these shots. Concept captures caught ingame also by myself.